The Transversal services group

GL: Angela Goehring-Crinon, DGL: Christophe Delamare

Assistant: Roxana Banica


The Transversal Services Group supports HSE activities and the Groups of the HSE Unit in particular through :
  • proactive communication, 
  • the establishment, maintenance and interpretation of CERNs regulatory framework in matters of Safety,
  • HSE specific computing support, 
  • design and organisation of Safety training courses,
  • administrative support, 
  • space management,
  • project management, and 
  • quality assurance.
The Group further provides administrative and legal support to a number of committees and processes such as the Safety Policy Committee (SAPOCO), the CERN Environmental Protection Steering Board (CEPS) and the implementation of the tripartite agreement on radiation protection and radiation safety between CERN and its Host States.