The Radiation Protection Group


GL: Dr. Stefan Roesler, DGL: Dr. Heinz Vincke

Assistant: Roxana Banica


The Radiation Protection Group of the HSE Unit, HSE-RP is responsible for Radiation Protection at CERN, i.e. the protection of persons from potentially harmful effects of ionizing radiation linked to CERNs installations and activities.

To achieve its mission HSE-RP shall:

  • assess and control radiation hazards of CERNs installations, activities, projects and experiments; 
  • define protective measures against ionizing radiation and monitor their implementation; 
  • ensure dose monitoring of all persons working in CERN Radiation Areas; and
  • be responsible for the management and handling of radioactive sources and radioactive waste. 

In particular HSE-RP: 

  • assesses the hazards of ionizing radiation from CERN installations and activities and their associated risks and defines the appropriate protective measures;
  • develops and maintains tools, instruments and methods appropriate for the assessment of radiation hazards and risks particular to the CERN installations and activities;
  • monitors the implementation and the effectiveness of the protective measures by measuring radiation levels and ambient and personal doses;
  • leads the implementation of the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle in the design, operation and decommissioning of CERN’s accelerators and experiments;
  • authorizes (suspends) the operation of an installation (including equipment) or activity generating ionising radiation in case of compliance (non-compliance) with CERN’s Radiation Protection rules;
  • provides expert advice and technical support to CERN Departments and Experiments in matters of Radiation Protection;
  • manages the interim storage, treatment and disposal of radioactive waste;
  • defines the Organization’s regulatory framework in matters of Radiation Protection;
  • contributes to the implementation of the Tripartite Agreement on Radiation Protection and Radiation Safety;
  • provides a personal dosimetry service to monitor individual doses of Radiation Workers;
  • develops and operates a radiation and environmental monitoring system;
  • provides a radioactive shipping service for the import and export of radioactive material and sources;
  • provides a radioactive sources service for managing and providing radioactive sources;
  • provides a calibration service for Radiation Protection instruments to ensure the metrological traceability of measurements;
  • provides a radio-analytical laboratory for the radiological characterization of equipment and samples.

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Mandates per section:

Dosimetry and calibration service

Activities within the CERN radiological environmental monitoring program falling under
the responsibility of HSE-RP