The Occupational Health and Safety Group


GL: Saverio La Mendola DGL: Simon Marsh

Assistant: Celine Ecarnot


The HSE unit’s Occupational Health and Safety group, HSE-OHS:

  • provides expert assistance in assessing how to reduce and monitor occupational health and safety hazards,
  • proposes ways to improve occupational health and safety based, in particular, on feedback and best practice,
  • monitors compliance with occupational health and safety rules, particularly through safety reviews and inspections,
  • checks and approves the safety arrangements for facilities, including those for special equipment, activities, projects and experiments at CERN that could have a major impact on Safety,
  • provides the Organization’s employed members of the personnel with occupational health and insurance medicine service,
  • dispenses primary care to people present on the CERN site.

The mandate of HSE-OHS does not include radiation protection.

In particular, HSE-OHS:

  • supports the Organization’s efforts to uphold and develop a Safety culture;
  • provides technical support in various areas of Safety, including compliance analysis, encompassing the full life cycle of CERN’s facilities (study, installation, acceptance, operation and dismantling),
  • in partnership with the CERN Fire and Rescue service, provides fire-safety engineering services, such as fire hazard analyses, fire and evacuation drills, structural fire protection calculations and firefighting strategies,
  • evaluates the compliance of technical and operational documents with the applicable Safety rules and standards, and helps the stakeholders identify optimal, state-of-the-art solutions,
  • develops and maintains tools, instruments and methods that are adapted to the specific technical safety risk management requirements of CERN’s facilities,
  • conducts safety reviews in order to assess the implementation of protection measures and propose improvements in particular through safety campaigns,
  • conducts technical inspections of the facilities,
  • monitors the health of employed members of the personnel and issues a medical opinion on their capacity to carry out their functions,
  • contributes to efforts to protect the occupational health of people participating in CERN's activities,
  • dispenses primary care.

HSE-OHS organisational chart