The Environment  Group


GL: Sonja Kleiner, DGL: Luisa Ulrici

Assistant: Celine Ecarnot


The Environment Group, HSE-ENV:

  • supports the Organization in limiting its environmental impact;
  • monitors and reports on the impact of the Organization’s activities.

In particular HSE-ENV:

  • identifies legal requirements and best practices related to CERN projects or activities, in order to integrate prevention measures in matters of water and soil protection, greenhouse gas emission, noise, waste management, biodiversity, handling and storage of hazardous substances and major incident hazards;
  • follows-up CERN-wide environmental indicators in order to contribute to the definition and review of CERN’s environmental objectives;
  • follows-up environmental events, including incidents/accidents to avoid reoccurrence by integrating appropriate prevention measures;
  • supports the Organization to execute its Environmental Monitoring Plan through:
    • the design, operation, and maintenance of the on-line environmental monitoring installations;
    • physico-chemical analyses of samples collected periodically in CERN effluent water, and water release authorizations to CERN Departments;
    • environmental noise measurement campaigns to assess CERN’s environmental footprint in this domain;
    • mitigating the consequences of environmental events.
  • reports on environmental matters, in particular through:
    • quarterly reports to the Host States authorities the results of CERN’s environmental monitoring programme;
    • annual reports to local authorities on CERN’s noise footprint;
    • CERN public facing environment reports.

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