Safety inspections allow to ensure the safety of the installations (buildings, mechanical equipment and accessories, electrical installations).

The different types of Safety Inspections carried out are the following:

• General Safety Inspections: safety inspections of buildings: administrative,  workshops, experimental halls, technical galleries, accelerators etc.;
• Electrical Safety Inspections: safety inspections of electrical installations;
• Lifting Safety Inspections: safety inspections of lifting equipment and accessories including doors and lifts;
• Machine Tools Safety Inspections;
• Pressure Safety Inspections: safety inspections of  vessels, pressure lines, boilers;
• Safety Inspections of pressure accessories : safety inspections of safety valves, pressure reducing valves, manometers, rupture discs, thermostats, pressure regulators;

The Safety Inspectors write inspection reports. These reports are available on EDMS.

Link to Safety Reporting.

Service Leader: Cécile PINTO and Olivier TISON