Blood donation

Each year, the medical service organises blood donation campaigns in collaboration with HUG and/or EFS (typically twice a year). These campaigns have consistently represented a significant contribution of the Organization to the dwindling blood reserves in the region: take part in this act of solidarity which is essential for the benefit of all!

On this page you will find information on CERN's upcoming campaigns, information on what happens following a blood donation and the compatibility of different blood types.



Next blood donation campaign at CERN – 16 July 2024

On 16 July, from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. in building 29, CERN will hold another blood donation session, in collaboration with the Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève (HUG).

Check your eligibility to give blood

Before coming to the building 29 donation point, make sure that:

  • you are in good health and have no symptoms such as fever, cough, a cold or breathing difficulties;
  • you are eligible to give blood:
    • If returning from travel abroad or arriving from another country, perform the travelcheck on the HUG website (in French)
    • Complete the brief online pre-donation questionnaire (in French)
    • Please consult this information sheet and complete this questionnaire issued by the HUG (but note that only the pre-donation conversation with the nurse or doctor on the day can confirm your eligibility).
    • If you have recently been vaccinated against the flu or COVID, ensure 48 hours have passed since receiving the vaccination.
    • Bring proof of ID with you on the day of the donation.

Save time: pre-book your appointment with OneDoc

Based on the experience of the donation campaign in July, the possibility of pre-booking your appointment via the OneDoc platform is made available on this link.

Spontaneous donors will be able to come at their convenience without an appointment, mindful that there may be a short waiting time on the day.

As a thank you, the HUG will be giving each donor a 10 CHF voucher, to be used in Novae’s Restaurants 1 and 2 at CERN.

Blood donation 17 July 2023

Blood barometer in Geneva

The blood barometer in Geneva, which is regularly updated, shows that blood supplies are currently running extremely low. We therefore hope to see many of you during this collection!

What happens after you have donated your blood?

Follow the blood from donor to recipient!


Blood types and compatibility

The percentages presented in this infographic are based on the average of the French and Swiss populations.