Primary care – infirmary

In the event of an emergency or injury or if you need immediate assistance, call the Fire and Rescue Service directly on +41 22 767 4444 (74444 from a CERN phone).

CERN's infirmary is located in building 57 (Image: CERN)

The Medical Service has an infirmary where we dispense primary care to anyone who comes to us with physical or mental health problems.

To ensure both quality and safety of care, all care administered at the infirmary includes an assessment of the patient’s health according to a defined protocol. We also offer health-related advice and guidance in personal and professional matters, in particular by referring you to qualified healthcare professionals.

The infirmary is available to everyone working at or visiting CERN.

Opening hours and contact

Monday to Friday
08.00-12.30 | 13.30-17.00

In order to ensure one’s ability to continue working, planned infirmary care can be arranged at the infirmary, by appointment and following prior approval. For any request, please contact us by email or telephone on:, tel. 73802