Prevention of environmental accidents

Some CERN installations can have an impact on the surrounding environment in case of accidents, such as the demineralised water production plants, the surface treatment workshops, and the cooling towers. Special attention is given to those installations to reduce their inherent hazards and minimise the associated risks and potential impacts.

The CERN Environmental Protection Steering Board (CEPS) together with concerned Departments and the HSE Unit share the responsibility for ensuring that adequate measures for preventing environmental accidents are put in place. In addition, lessons learnt from environmental events, near misses, and remedial actions are regularly followed up by the CEPS.

A key asset in preventing environmental accidents is the reactivity as well as the proactive behaviour of the CERN Fire and Rescue Service, whose members have been trained to intervene in case of environmental events.

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CERN's Fire & Rescue Service. (Image: CERN)