Kryolize is a software tool for sizing the minimum discharge area of a safety protection device, against overpressure. Based on international (ISO), European (EN) and American (API) standards, Kryolize allows calculation and sizing of safety valves for cryogenic systems and is a novel tool that assists engineers with a uniform approach in the sizing of safety valves for cryogenics applications.

In 2014, the KT Group sought trademark protection for the Kryolize name and logo and in 2015, the tool has continued to become more and more sought after as safety application in the field of cryogenics. To date, there are more than 30 users at CERN, and six academic licences have been granted to research laboratories around the world.

As a KT Fund project, experimental verification of the cryogenic parameters used within the tool, together with software development of a Graphical User Interface and harmonization, are major goals. Excellent progress has been made on the latter, and the former is currently about to begin via an R&D collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. At the end of the project in mid-2017, it is hoped that a complete software package will be readily available, not just for academic organizations as is the case currently, but also for the wider commercial market. Kryolize expects to find applications in cryogenic gas suppliers, valve manufacturers, cryoplant manufacturers or design offices, and cryogenic systems at research laboratories, as well as expanding its reach to the wider scientific community.

Contact: AndrĂ© Henriques

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The cooling and operation of superconducting RF cavities and magnet systems for particle accelerators and magnets for detectors requires large quantities of cryogenic fluids.