COVID-19: Eight tips for staying in good mental and physical health during this challenging time

Most of us have had our work patterns turned upside down by the measures that have been implemented to fight COVID-19. For the many members of the CERN personnel who are now teleworking, “home”, which was previously a private space, has become “the office”, which can be difficult for some of us to cope with, especially when children are around. Wherever we’re working, we’re dealing with an unusual situation that requires us to make certain adjustments.

To help you maintain in good physical and mental health during this difficult time, here are eight tips based on real situations encountered in the last few weeks. All these tips, as well as the HR department’s anti-isolation measures, can be found on the “Work Well Feel Well” web page.

If you need support on a specific issue, the following services are also available to you:

  • The COVID-19 helpline: +41 22 766 77 77
  • The Occupational Health Service: +41 22 767 31 86 /
  • The CERN psychologist, Christiane Reis (appointments can be made through the Occupational Health Service) 

We wish you all well – keep in good health and high spirits!,Miscellaneous
8 ways to keep yourself in a good physical and mental condition during COVID-19 (Image: CERN)


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