Beat the heat - Comment affronter la canicule

Beat the heat

With the current heatwave showing no sign of abating, the HSE management would like to help you make working conditions as pleasant as possible while the high temperatures continue. We cannot change the weather, but there are things that we can suggest to help in this respect. If your office is unbearably hot, then please consider some of the following options:

- If it’s cooler at home, consider ad-hoc teleworking if it’s compatible with your job;

- If there are cooler offices nearby vacated by those already on vacation, consider hot-desking;

- Consider using places with air conditioning, like the library;

- If there’s no alternative than to stay in your office think of ordering a fan,

- If compatible with your work obligations, consider working deferred hours to avoid the hottest hours of the day.

Always discuss these options with your supervisor, and of course if you have other ideas, feel free to bring them to the attention of your hierarchy.

Appropriate work clothing during heatwave.