Attending safety training programmes is necessary for:

Everyone, via CERN's Learning Hub catalogue

Safety basic mandatory courses are obligatory for eryone working on one of CERN's site

Working Conditions, via the OHS-0-0-3 form

This form is an essential support tool for the identification of occupational hazards that employed members of the CERN personnel are exposed to during their professional activities. It serves to identify a possible need for safety training and individual protective equipment and as a guide for the CERN Medical Service for the medical follow-up of the CERN personnel.

Access to Installations, via CERN’s Access Distribution and Management System (ADaMS)

Safety trainings are a prerequisite to access most of the zones and installations of the Laboratory. The ADaMs system manages the access rights to these CERN premises.

Work Declaration, via the Intervention Management Planning and Coordination Tool (IMPACT)

The IMPACT platform is a central repository of activity requests that standardises the way work is declared at CERN and allows the coordination of different works. The tool analyses the job and sees whose approval is required, therefore ensuring that the people performing the job are qualified in matter of safety and have followed the appropriate training. The IMPACT platform unifies CERN's major experiment, accelerator and injector coordination tools.

Safety Roles, via the Safety Regulations - Safety Organisation (SR-SO) document

Safety Officer is a person appointed by a Department Head, a Technical Coordinator or a Project Leader to support him (her) in fulfilling his (her) obligations in matters of Safety. Each CERN Safety Officer must have the necessary competence and experience and shall be adequately trained to fulfil his (her) functions.


Within CERN's Learning Hub you can follow online courses, enrol to classroom sessions and find an attestation of training participation.

It is important to note that most of the safety training programmes’ validity is limited in time. Therefore you can find refresher training that have to be followed before the expiring date in order to avoid the loss of the rights listed in the “WHY” part.

Be aware that the attestation only certifies your attendance at the course and it has no legal value.