Safety Regulations (SR)

  • SR-SIM

    Responsibilities in matters of Safety Incident Management at CERN

    The purpose of this Safety Regulation is to define the principles governing the declaration and management, including the notification, classification, analysis and follow-up, of Safety Incidents at CERN with a view to mitigate their consequences, both immediate and long term, and to avoid re-occurrence through corrective actions and sharing of lessons learnt.

Specific Safety Instructions (SSI)

  • SSI-SIM-2-1

    Major Safety Incident Classification, Investigation, Analysis and Follow-up

    The purpose of this Specific Safety Instruction is to define the principles governing the classification, investigation, analysis and follow-up of Major Safety Incidents.

Safety Instructions (IS)

  • IS 37

    Alarms and alarm systems (2003)

    The object is to define safety alarms and to establish general rules for the installation, maintenance, disabling, and layout of safety alarm systems generating level 3 alarms. The EDH version of the disabling form is now mandatory.

  • IS 5

    Emergency stops (2001)

    Description of the two types of emergency stops (general and local emergency stops), definition of the buildings or areas to be equipped, and effects due to these emergency stops on power supplies or accelerators. Exceptions and rules for safety equipment.

  • IS 51

    Operational and Information Procedures in Reponse to Accidents (2005)

    The scope of this Safety Instruction is to describe operational procedures in response to accidents, to assure coordination of interventions, both at CERN and with outside emergency services as well as the transmission of information within CERN and in case of need to the Host States Authorities and media. The adopted procedures depend on the seriousness level assigned to the event.

Safety Guidelines

  • SG-SIM-0-0-1

    Implementation of the Safety Regulation SR-SIM

    This Safety Guideline provides guidance as to the implementation of the CERN Safety Regulation “Responsibilities in matters of Safety Incident Management at CERN” (hereafter SR-SIM).

Safety Forms (SF)

Safety procedures

  • Evacuation procedure and principles for CERN sites on French territory

    In some cases the regulatory framework of a certain domain can be exhaustive and challenging to implement. This document provides further interpretation on CERN safety requirements, related to evacuation procedure and principles on the French territory of the CERN site, as well as recommendations on best practices to be used on CERN sites.--