For any emergencies on site, CERN Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) will be the first to respond.  We operate a Safety Control Room (SCR) that receives emergency calls 24 hours a day. The calls are received from either people calling our dedicated emergency line (74444) or from automated detection systems. The SCR is the first point of contact in an emergency and the caller will be asked to provide essential pieces of information such as:

  • Name
  • Location
  • What is the situation?

This enables our call handlers to dispatch the correct resources. Depending on the information received, we will send our fire appliance and / or ambulance to deal with the incident. We also have a wide range of specialized equipment that we can also send.



Our task is to provide a rapid response to an emergency and to minimize the potential severity of the incident in terms of life, property and impact on the environment. However, we also have arrangements with our host states to request reinforcement as we need them. During this time, we can also request the attendance of other key personnel from other departments as they possess specialized knowledge and advice that is essential for us.



The role of CERN Fire and Rescue has evolved over the years and we not only deal with fires. Our role involves dealing with medical, chemical and environmental emergencies. It is also necessary sometimes for us to use specialist rescue equipment.

It is not only emergencies we deal with, people also call us for non-emergency activities and advice. We are always happy to help people find a solution to their problem.


Remember, if you have an emergency please call us on

Tel. +41 22 76 74444

If your request in non-emergency the please raise a SNOW ticket or call us on

Tel. +41 22 76 74848